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Junior suite with patio

Beautiful 35 square meter room on the hotel’s ground floor. This room offers guests exceptional quiet in a well-designed and private space that allows a glimpse of this bubbling city’s life from an exquisite patio. Room has a unique, ultra-modern design with dark colors, relaxed style...
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Deluxe with Balcony

About 27 square meter rooms with either a modern, a classic or a rustic-Tuscany design. Rooms include a pampering Jacuzzi and a balcony from where you can absorb to the full the unique atmosphere of the magical German Colony. Some of the rooms also have a kitchenette and some have view to Bahai Gardens...
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Grand double room

The Templers Hotel’s luxury rooms are a world in their own right. Each room is designed in its own, unique style whether it is rustic Tuscany, classic Provence or art deco. Each room also holds a surprise that will enhance your experience and your stay. Some of these rooms include a stand-alone bath, others offer a panoramic view of the magnificent Bahai Gardens whilst others have their own impressive patio.
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Premier Double room

A private, ground floor room offers a wonderful atmosphere and experience for each and every guest. The 15 square meter room is designed in an ultra-modern style that provides you a stay in a clean, pristine and exact space of unequalled quality.
This is an internal room, far from the noise of the busy street, with perfect acoustic insulation. Immerse yourself in the peace and serenity, feel the room’s unique character and enjoy its exceptional style and feel provided by the atmosphere enhancing blue lights that can turned on or off at any time.
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Traditional Double room

The private room is a place to find sanctuary and forget everything, to chill out and relax. Rooms are carefully designed in a light, airy and classical style. The room’s dominating colors are light hues which help increase the peaceful, cozy and wonderfully quiet and relaxed atmosphere. The warm parquet flooring, the pampering shower and, of course, the unique design, provide each and every guest an undisturbed and noise free stay.
Now’s the time to stroll up the staircase to the second floor to enjoy a pampering stay free from the noises of a dynamic and fast paced city. This is the place where you can rest and restore your strength – either alone or with your partner.
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