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This classic massage is performed with warm almond oil and focuses on soft tissue and muscles. In addition, the massage improves the range of motion of the joints, balances the various body systems, helps enhance and renew the energy and vitality of the body, relieves physical and mental tension, stress and pain and allows the natural and healthy potential of the body to regain itself.
60 minutes: 260 NIS | 75 minutes: 285 NIS

A gentle massage, similar to the Swedish massage, using aromatic oils with curing qualities.
60 minutes: 260 NIS | 75 minutes: 285 NIS

Slow and deep massage, with the use of a little oil which focuses on muscle tissues, intended to eliminate tension and stress which is accumulated in the muscle tissues, bonding tissues and ligaments and to return flexibility to the tissues. In addition, the massage relaxes, relieves cramps and helps to dispose of toxins.
60 minutes: 285 NIS | 75 minutes: 310 NIS

The massage combines different therapeutic techniques of East and West. The therapist chooses to combine the techniques he specialized in, according to the clients’ needs, emphasizing specific conditions that the patient wishes to focus on.
60 minutes: 260 NIS | 75 minutes: 285 NIS

A method of holistic treatment and diagnosis via the feet. The treatment consists of pressure, heating, stretching and massage movements of the feet.The word reflexology derives from reflection and reflex. This method is based on the belief that the entire body and its system are reflected in the feet and therefore diseases and various health conditions can be cured by stimulating and return response from the feet. This is a relaxing and pleasant treatment done with a special reflexology cream.
60 minutes: 260 NIS | 75 minutes: 285 NIS

This holistic treatment focuses on the body’s nerves edges and affects the entire body. A local massage connecting areas of thought (scalp area), and action (hands and feet). These areas are tensed, affecting and affected by all parts of the body. The treatment balances the nervous system and relaxes physically and mentally. The treatment is done by pressure, heating, stretching and massage movements.
60 minutes: 260 NIS | 75 minutes: 285 NIS