Breakfast - Templers Haifa

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You’ll be served your breakfast in the “Fattoush” restaurant situated in a magical courtyard next to the Hotel.  Between olive trees, with tables arranged to inspire and against a background of oriental music and a breathtaking view of the Bahai Gardens.
The restaurant, which has been a local cultural icon for many years, offers delicious, fresh Mediterranean food, served in an atmosphere that is a meeting of East and West, allowing a glimpse into the co-existence that is characteristic of Haifa.

Templers Breakfast
Two eggs of your choice, served with fresh market vegetable salad, personal muesli, bread basket, feta cheese, cream cheese, olive tapenade, Tuna salad, butter and jam. Soft drink and hot drink.
Optional additions: onions, seasoned herb, tomato, mushrooms.

2 eggs dish spicy peppers and tomatoes, served with labbane, olive oil and bread. Soft drink and hot drink

Mediterranean Breakfast
Tapas Selection, Labbane, hyssop, olive oil, tahini, hummus, sundried tomato spread, Syrian  olives, fresh market vegetable salad, feta cheese and pita bread. Soft drink and hot drink.

Authentic pastry with a choice of sides: hyssop, Bulgarian cheese, Labbane. Baked on authentic tabun oven, served with vegetables and pickles. Soft drink and hot drink.