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About the hotel

Set in the heart of the magical German Colony in a historical and stunningly beautiful Templer building against the breathtaking beauty of the Bahai Gardens – this where you will find the Templers Boutique Hotel, the perfect place for a unique, Israeli vacation, a vacation in the capital of the North, Haifa, in a magical atmosphere.

The Design
The Templers Boutique Hotel is set in an unforgettably, beautiful building.  The contrast between old and new, the carefully designed and implemented touches of classical modernism, the unique styling of each of the 17 rooms, where each space has its own individual and distinctive atmosphere, create a hotel that has been carefully designed to provide the highest standards of hospitality possible.

The Romance
The German Colony has a truly romantic atmosphere.  Original stone buildings, the sense and flavor of a rural environment in the heart of the city and spectacular view of the Bahai Gardens at night –together add a huge portion of romance to your vacation at the Templers Hotel.

The History
The Templers Hotel is situated in the heart of a piece of Israel’s history:  the hotel’s Templer built building was one of the first to be constructed in the German Colony nearly 150 years ago, in 1870.

The Vacation
A vacation in the Templers Boutique Hotel is a trip back in time and a contemporary delight.  It combines a stay in a classic, historic building with modern pleasures.  It is restful and peaceful and vibrant, bubbly enjoyment.  It is a prestigious Haifa vacation and a wonderful Israeli experience.  It is everything that you need and everything that you want for yourselves.